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General Discussion / Amazing ebony pussy !!!
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:21:05 PM »
Still, that was all we did. Three or four times a week, I would eat her out and make her cum. Once or twice a week Cassidy would blow me. She started getting comfortable wearing just a loose shirt and bottoms around the apartment, or sometimes just the shirt. And she was so sexy she still turned me on like crazy every day. But after four or five weeks of helping each other cum, it almost got routine.Leave a Reply"Oh, I can't believe that," Kelly replied, allowing him to pull her to her feet in front of him. "What about Mrs. Henderson?"The night of Chris’ party, Lynn was debating what to wear, deciding between a casual look or choosing to go with one of her LBD’s (little black dresses). I have always enjoyed watching my wife dress as she tries on different looks and goes through various articles of clothing. There was my wife in a pair of conservative panties and regular cotton bra. She went through about five or six different outfits, when I told her to call Melissa to see what she should wear as to not be under or overdressed. Melissa had said she’d be wearing a LBD for the evening and that the night was going to be more on the cocktail party scene. Lynn decided to pick one of her LBD’s that was not too conservative and not too provocative.
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I considered her question a moment. "Yeah, pretty much."As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me.""P-please...""Listen, I'm flattered but—"

General Discussion / Hot black BBW !!!
« on: September 20, 2017, 10:09:16 AM »
"You're so clever and smart," Elly cooed, leaning in. "You would never wanna be my horny bimbo. Never wanna be my whimpering slutty slave."And he didn't even have a clue, she thought, shaking her head in amazement. He could be getting more pussy than anyone she knew if he'd just try. She knew that he noticed girls; she had seen the looks she had gotten when she some-times wore a tight t-shirt without a bra around the house. She was sure she had seen him with a lump in his pants on more than one occasion because of that."That sounds fine to me, Kelly," he said. "But why don't you sit on one of these bar stools. It will make it much easier. Now, hold your knees up to your chest," he instructed.Her blue eyes studied mine, uncertainty flashing across her pretty face. "Like I said, I trust you. And of course if we really wanted it, I'm sure some stranger in the bar would agree to do it, but I don't want to have to do that. That would probably be gross."
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The Uber Ride- Erotic StoryAnne was now pulling insistently on my cock. I knew what it was she wanted: a cock in her mouth. Without changing the placement of my tongue on Jan's heated pussy, I scooted my hips towards my Sweethearts' waiting, open mouth. Now, with my cock sliding between her lips, Anne's squeals of delight were muffled significantly. This caused Janet to look curiously down between her heaving breasts at Anne. Smiling, her eyes locked with mine."Yes, is everything okay?" I asked."What if I don't like it?" Kelly asked, stripping out of her shorts and panties and bending over to look through a drawer for a skirt, her naked ass and pussy pointing at John.

General Discussion / Hot black fat ?
« on: September 19, 2017, 12:47:30 PM »
"If I go out with them I make sure they fuck me," Kelly said, watching his face."N-n-n-no," Kelly stammered. "I want to do it. I'm just nervous, that's all. What if he doesn't like me or I don't do something right?"Her tongue flicked across my ear. Gathering the last of my senses, I pulled away from her.The brunette’s tongue began to walk along the toy, inch by inch, meeting the impatient look of her companion. The second nodded and placed a leg atop a small patio table. Her partner smirked as she approached her, using a hand to feel for her arousal before pushing in all those inches seemingly no effort at all.
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As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me.""But you do masturbate then?" Kelly asked, staring at him.Cassidy's soft hand was gently pumping up and down my mostly flaccid member. My mind was still confused but my cock was beginning to react and inflate on its own. "I don't know.." I began to say."Good." She buried her face in Anja's pussy again.

General Discussion / Wet really black BBW .
« on: September 19, 2017, 11:23:05 AM »
"What's the matter?""That's why I want you to go out with some of my friends," Kelly said plaintively. "They'd fuck you in a heartbeat and then we could talk about it."Tiffany smiled and waved to the boy peering down at her from his bedroom window as she walked from her car to the basement apartment she had rented from his father. She entered the apartment and promptly forgot about the boy. Her thoughts were elsewhere: She was thinking about the new demands Buford had just made of her. She was going to have to perform in front of him, and the thought of doing so made her uncomfortable since she had never done anything like that before. She sighed. If she didn't want to look awkward in front of him, she was just going to have to practice first.The paintbrush touched her clit.
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Anne stood with hands on her hips and feet apart, fully nude before him. Her shaved pussy, bare save for a perfectly trimmed "welcome mat", was displayed for his viewing enjoyment."Love you, too!" They both chorused, and then giggled.Doug did as I asked and the room was filled with the sound of not only his smacking lips as he devoured my aching clit, but the wet sucking sound of his fingers going in and out of my drenched pussy. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs and began to moan into Jenna's pussy as my back arched and I felt my body teetering on the edge. Doug eased his other hand from the cheek of my ass and with no warning jammed a finger into my ass. I lifted my face from between Jenna's thighs and released a long loud howl of pleasure as I went off like a rocket."Mmm, hmm." She murmured into Anja's wet opening.

General Discussion / Wet black fat !!!
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:23:30 AM »
Kent said, "You sound like Ah-nold."Kent seemed just a little uncomfortable standing there talking with two other naked men, so he bolted off to get the wine. Kurt noticed, too. I whispered "New guy" to Kurt, and we both grinned at Kent. I wanted to meet Anja, too, so I nodded for Kurt to accompany me back to the ladies warming themselves by the fire."I don't have anyone to talk to about it," Kelly said. "You know, like how do you do this or do you like that, those kind of things. If you were fucking my girlfriends we could compare notes."I grabbed the door for him, as he carried both our wives' drinks, too. Jan and Anne were sprawled on opposite sides of the tub; arms spread wide, hands holding the edge behind them. Their breasts floated just above the bubbling water for our eyes to behold. It was a smaller tub, four people would be a close fit, but that was perfect for this evening. Kent entered the foaming water and handed both women their drinks. Vodka and Dr. Pepper for Anne, a margarita for Jan. Kent was standing on the last step. His cock stuck straight out, a few inches above the water. He lingered there a moment, purposefully giving the girls a chance to admire his equipment, which of course they both did. If I had any concerns about the mood wearing off on either of the women, they evaporated as soon as I entered the tub across from Kent. I started to sit down, Janet said "Wait, don't sit yet."
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When he finally succeeded in completely burying his cock inside of her, all John could see was the base of his shaft with Kelly's clit sticking out above it. Slowly Mr. Henderson began to ease his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy, picking up the pace as he became thoroughly coated with her slick pussy juice. Quickly he was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy, her inner vagina lips clinging to his magnificent cock each time he drew back, only to disappear inside of her again when he thrust back inside of her. Her clit stuck out like the tip of his little finger now, rubbing against the shaft of his cock each time it slid by, causing Kelly to have one continual orgasm after another.The towel fell to the soft carpeted floor, forgotten. His eyes were lost in hers. His mind was lost in the scent of mead. His cock was singing with pleasure at her soft touches. Only his will struggled to hold on, adrift in a sea of oozing, gooey, spicy syrup."Cum on your face?" I asked."If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop."

General Discussion / Amazing black fat .
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:12:05 AM »
Kent went back to his cooking before something got burned. I took over the English muffins from him. While I buttered them, I noticed the SUV across the road backing down their driveway."Would you like me to suck your pussy for you?" he asked her."Don't mention it, don't mention it at all," and he had a grin on his face as he walked toward his car."Oh, yes," John told her. "I'm supposed to get in touch with him."
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"Speaking of shows," Jenna went on, "How about one more?" She looked over her shoulder at Doug. After giving him a playful wave, she turned back. "Come on, you don't think Doug would like to see you dance with me? Your cute little neighbor acting not so cute? Bet that would really get him going." She sighed. "I know it would get me hot.""I love your breasts, I want to fuck them," I responded."Not yet." Murmured Kent."For both my pretty friends."

General Discussion / Nice african pussy !
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:56:42 AM »
Anja released her hold on me and motioned me away. She sat up and turned over, facing the others. She lifted her bottom to me. I wasn't sure which hole she wanted me to penetrate, but I decided to wait a while on her ass. I still wanted more blowjobs from the ladies. I had a little difficulty mounting her this way. Because her legs were so much longer, her pussy was barely within reach. Anja solved this by hunching down low for me. This also placed her face right into all the cock and pussy lying before us."Oh...oh!" Jenna kept moaning as her hips moved up and down into my busy fingers."Tomorrow night!" Kelly said, sitting up, "so soon!""Oh, money has always been something that motivates Kelly," John replied. "If I were to tell her that you would give her, oh, I don't know, let's say $1,000.00 to have sex with her, I know that would get her attention."
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By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load."Well, yes," John stammered. "Uh, I talked to her."I smiled at the thought this young kid wanted to take me for a spin. A few minutes ago, I would have just to put on a show for Doug, but I needed to get my ass into the bathroom.CHAPTER 3

General Discussion / Wet really black bodies ?
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:34:29 AM »
"It was great!" Kelly responded. "I think we'll go to the movies more often. It's a nice way to spend an evening.""You better be," I replied with a laugh.Doug sat on the edge of the bed, and knowing from experience what I wanted, drew Jenna down with him so she was now bent over in my face. I spread her cheeks open and with no hesitation plunged my tongue into her little pink rosebud. Jenna squealed then called out,Anja released her hold on me and motioned me away. She sat up and turned over, facing the others. She lifted her bottom to me. I wasn't sure which hole she wanted me to penetrate, but I decided to wait a while on her ass. I still wanted more blowjobs from the ladies. I had a little difficulty mounting her this way. Because her legs were so much longer, her pussy was barely within reach. Anja solved this by hunching down low for me. This also placed her face right into all the cock and pussy lying before us.
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"Yup, you want anything?" I asked. The two strangers kept the smiles on their faces, but I could tell from their eyes that they were weary about my presence."We can't," Doug said, with absolutely no force behind his words."You win, this time." Jan muttered playfully.----------

General Discussion / Crazy negro pussy ?
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:58:18 PM »
"That a way, twin brother," Kelly laughed. "If I make you uncomfortable, mom, I'd be happy to go change.""I...well I thought that—""I thought so!" Elly purred, giving Ia's neck a little tantalizing lick before pulling away. She pouted her lips at Ia, as the catgirl's lips down below drooled and dribbled with yet another orgasm. Elly's self-control was unbelievable—the only sign she had come was the little sparkle of bliss in her eyes. Ia was desperate to feel that way. "My little Ia loves being teased, doesn't she? She wasn't wanna come, because coming means she's been a good girl." She giggled. “And she's too smart to be a good girl!”"They look pretty much the same to me. You've seen a lot of them, what do you think?"
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Then she kissed me, hard, her tongue snaking into my mouth. Her hand found my semi hard erection and began pumping it. Anne broke our kiss and fell to her knees in the tub, and her lips enveloped my shaft voraciously. I've learned to read my wife's desires by the way she gives head. A sudden, aggressive rush to get her mouth around me means she wants me to fuck her as soon as I'm hard enough. My beautiful wife had no trouble bringing back an erection in me. She stood and turned away, leaning her forearms against the wall. My Sweetie bent forward at the hips, thrusting her cute little bottom at me. She looked seductively over her shoulder at me, and parted her legs slightly by placing one foot on the edge of the tub. Gladly, I stepped up behind her, guiding my tool towards her lovely slit, still glistening with Kent's come. In an instant, my cock plunged deep into her well-lubricated pussy. Anne cooed contentedly, and placed her cheek against the cool tile while I banged her rather forcefully. She was turned just enough that I could see one of her cute, hugely erect nipples peeking around her ribs. What an incredible sight she was to me, God, how I love this woman!"Yes, we are."Those soft features, those big eyes and trembling lips, even the ones who weren't so sweet had that look to them. I shifted as I turned to face the other side of the dance floor and sighed when the material of my lace bra rubbed across my stiff nipples."So, Mr. Wilson, you like watching your wife dance with pretty young girls?"

General Discussion / Nice ebony ass ???
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:22:36 PM »
Kent followed Anne's lead and soon his clothing joined hers in a pile on the floor. I secretly hoped our neighbors were watching. Kent went to the kitchen, returning with his "James Bond" corkscrew set. While our disagreement dragged on, Jan and I slowly disrobed, one item at a time. I threw her a challenge: She and I would get in a sixty-nine, and the first one made to come would have to call."Sure." I replied. She watched intently as I shook myself dry.Lynn looked herself in the mirror and I told her that she couldn’t wear such a plain bra with her sexy G-string panty. When she turned around to face me, she noticed the growing bulge in my trousers. She went back to her drawers and pulled out a matching black lace bra that perfectly complimented her choice of panties for the night. Seeing that I was getting aroused by what she was going to wear for the evening, she came to me to tease me. Lynn approached me with only her G-string on and holding her bra in her hand…. “I know you want to suck on my nipples! Better get some nipple play in now before I cover them up and you won’t be able to play with them till we get home!” I took advantage of the offer and began to lick and suck on my wife’s luscious nipples. Lynn let her head fall back as she enjoyed my oral skill I was giving to her breasts and nipples. Seeing her enjoying what I was doing, I decided to push the envelope and reached between her legs to see how much she was enjoying what I was doing."Oh, it's so nice," she said when she had extricated his cock from his pants, her hand wrapped around it. "Can I suck on it for a little while?"
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And he had, Brist had to admit. And that was why he couldn't fight back, why all he could do was lie back and laugh manically. When he'd given in and confessed how much he loved this... something in him had clicked. And now he couldn't fight. He didn't want to fight."I think you should," Kelly told him."Cum on your face?" I asked.Kurt added, "I'm really not that much bigger than other men." I was really impressed; he said that without sounding like he was bragging. I glanced at Kent; he was nodding in silent agreement to my thought. I liked these people.

General Discussion / Wet negro ass !!!
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:07:27 PM »
"Sure. I love watching Anne with someone. I know she'd love to with you! We just need to keep them in the same room."Elly eyed her for a moment, almost frowning. Ia felt a strange pain course through her at that look. She never wanted Mistress to look at her that way again. At last, Mistress sighed, and leaned in to gently kiss her. "Good girls," she murmured, "always say yes!”ShareWith every submission, he grew weaker.
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PART 1: The Godfather."Mmm, hmm!" Anne concurred. She drew her knees under her, splayed them wide, and thrust her cute little bottom in the air for him. Kent got down and arched over the top of my wife, working his well-slathered prick into her pussy from behind. Anne moaned her appreciation.And he loved it. It felt so good to earn their praise, mocking as it was. He longed for more. More proof of their affections, no matter how double-edged.Maybe I'll hang with John today, tease him a little bit, and find out what he's been up to, she thought, reaching for a cut-off t-shirt and pulling it over her head. It barely came down enough to cover her tits, and her nipples pressed out against the material, making it very obvious that she had no bra on. She then reached for a pair of cut-offs, slipping into them without any underwear. She loved the feeling of the thick seam rubbing her clit as she moved her legs. She knew if she wasn't careful she'd wet the entire crotch.

General Discussion / Beatiful latinas ass .
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:39:47 PM »
"Why is it so important?" John asked, staring at the red hairs that were sticking out on either side of her shorts at the crotch.I turned to look at him and rolled my eyes. "You tell me. This was your idea, oh mighty hunter!""Personal space my ass," she responded, "I came with your tongue in my pussy this morning, remember?"In Ruth’s mind, her finger was the purple toy that the brunette woman was fucking the other with: hard, fast, strong. She tried to do the same, with the same energy and delivery as the brunette.
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Cassidy paused. "Why now? Why ask now?"Right now, I felt like a kid in a candy store! Not only was the club packed with our chosen prey, but what a selection! Every type of pretty young lady was on display before me; not only blondes, brunettes, and redheads, but also some slender, some with a little curve to them. Many of the girls were chesty and flaunting their large, soft breasts, while some had perky little tits that were equally well-displayed in their tight tops and dresses.Her eyes widened. "Big!" She replied.The two ladies swapped places and before they resumed their oral pleasures, we discussed where all of this would lead…. None of us had ever had any sexual experiences with anyone other than our respective spouses. We talked briefly about how THIS would be the extent of any sort of “swapping”. Everyone agreed and with that conversation and consensual agreement, the tension of sharing sexual pleasure with someone other than our spouse faded away. In the few moments of our discussion, we had moved around a bit so that Chris and I were sitting relatively close to each other and I had Melissa on my right and Lynn was on Chris’ left. The two ladies began their countdown again and when they hit 0 resumed their oral pleasure skills, now sucking on a new cock.

General Discussion / Amazing latinas ass .
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:24:24 AM »
"Well, don't let that be an excuse for being late," Karin warned. "Or I'll ground the both of you for the rest of the month."Elly waited a moment. Ia bit her lip. She couldn't, she couldn't...Anja's was coming, hard, from both Anne's and my tongue on her clit. She shuddered violently, clasping our heads. Her fist was bunched in Anne's thick hair. I'm shaved bald, so Anja dug her long nails into my scalp instead. Kent banged Anne hard, causing her face to repeatedly bump into Anja's pussy."Oh, I can't believe that," Kelly replied, allowing him to pull her to her feet in front of him. "What about Mrs. Henderson?"
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He walked past us, and I had to laugh as he was so excited he dropped the keys trying to get into the house. "Jeez, first day with the new fingers," he joked.We entered the home and Chris met us at the door and gave me a “man-hug” and kissed Lynn on her cheek and welcomed us to their home. Now we’ve spent some time before with Chris and Melissa so seeing them in a social setting was nothing new. Chris made us feel welcome and soon after we entered their home, Melissa entered the room and she looked absolutely luscious and sexy as hell! She came over to greet Lynn and I and as she approached, I saw that the dress that Lynn and Melissa wore were almost identical except that Lynn’s dress was black and Melissa’s dress white. Damn Melissa looked hot! Her white dress fit her snugly and she was rocking a pair of red “fuck me” pumps that highlighted her stunning legs. She met Lynn and I and she planted a welcoming kiss on my cheek and she hugged my wife. The two ladies commented on how similar their dresses were and how they were somewhat embarrassed that they were so similar. Chris and I told our wives that they both looked great and that they had nothing to worry about. The two ladies left Chris and I as they went to get drinks and Chris and I both paid each other high compliments for how the other guy’s wife looked! Throughout the evening, I caught Chris starring at my Lynn and I’m sure with all of the gawking I was doing at Melissa, that Chris caught me a time or two."Ohhh yes," Cassidy moaned. She lifted her body up, letting my cock slide most of the way out of her tight, wet tunnel, and then settled back down on my erection. My dick was now fully erect, and she didn't quite make it to the bottom of my rod before she began sliding back up my pole again.Jenna pulled his jeans down over his hips and down to the floor and I licked my lips at the sight of Doug's long thick cock springing free.

General Discussion / Beatiful negro ass !!!
« on: September 14, 2017, 01:22:54 AM »
"You sure?" I asked, "I don't want to mess up your clothes." My hand began to slide up and down my cock, the pleasurable tingling returning as I looked down at Cassidy's beautiful, waiting face."Are these guys big, or average?" Janet asked.Kent threw his hands up defensively. "No, not that, though I am very confident..."Still looking at him, I appreciated the gleam in his big blue eyes and the smile on his face. Even when he wasn't laughing or joking, Doug looked as if he were about to. Between his carefree expression, the blue eyes, and his dirty blond hair, Doug possessed a boyish charm that belied his forty-two years and made me fall in love with him again every time I looked at him.
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The rivers of pleasure were exploding inside me, flowing through my cock and getting close to overwhelming me. I reached down and gently took a handful of Cassidy's soft, straight, red hair. She did not flinch or move as I wrapped her silky strands around the tip of my member."Go on and get dressed," Tom Henderson said, giving her another feel on her tits. "You don't want to get in trouble with your mom and dad."Buford had been amused as well and had pulled out his own cell phone to take some pictures of Tiffany in her new trappings: "Say 'cheese'!"Out of the corner of his eye, Brist saw the feather the redhead had dropped drift up into the air, as if under a power of its own. For a moment, he wondered if the tickling was about to resume, and felt intense relief. Then he realized that his kittens weren't doing this.

General Discussion / Wet really black ass !!!
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:19:01 AM »
"I have some jerseys and an old sweatshirt that would be big enough for you," Cassidy parried. "You just know you're going to be wrong.""Sort of. I came with a friend, but then she ran into a guy she knew and sort of left me hanging." She paused and once again gave me that shy smile. "Are you?"Janet spun around. Her pussy rested on my very stiff dick and her hands pressed on my chest. She paused for a moment before replying."Of course!" I responded somewhat offended.
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"Names," Elly cooed."We shouldn't, but she's so fucking hot!" Shifting in my seat, I felt my thong sticking to my pussy. "God, I'm wet!""How many?""I'm ready when you are," she said. "Please try to get it all in my hair, just to be safe." Even those words should have driven my libido crazy, but instead they reminded me that this was a task that I was no obligated to complete.

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