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General Discussion / Wet really black ass ???
« on: Today at 12:49:09 PM »
"I...well I thought that—""Absolutely," John said nodding. "I bet I could get $1,000.00."Doug slipped his hands underneath mine and I could feel them trembling with excitement. I eased back and watched with baited breath as Doug, with a teasing slowness I had to give him credit for, slid Jenna's dress off.Overwhelmed by trying to think through to an answer, my brain just defaulted to the truth. "I didn't know how to ask," I replied dumbly. "I didn't know when it's okay... like it's pretty late tonight."
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I'd like to say that, after the blowjob and the shower, I dove right into exploiting my deal with Cassidy. That's not totally true. We did fool around A LOT. I haven't met any women who could match her sex drive, so she was always asking me to pleasure her. She especially loved me going down on her, and that became almost all we did. She asked me almost every other day, mostly at night though sometimes in the morning before work. I began to catch on to when she was having her period, because she would be less interested in sex just before and during her period. But immediately after she was done, she would almost attack me as soon as I got home, and would ride my mouth and my tongue to screaming orgasm. I got very good at figuring out how she especially enjoyed me just tickling lightly over her clit with my tongue while she came, and she got so loud that I'm sure the neighbors heard us at least once or twice."You sure know how to suck a cock, Kelly," he compli-mented. "That was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had."Anne was looking through the selection of cheeses with obvious approval."Do you want me to call it off?" John asked, staring at her in the soft light.

General Discussion / Amazing african ass ???
« on: Today at 11:24:41 AM »
"No. You're all I need when it comes to cock. Besides, a guy is just for me. We can both enjoy one of these little hotties." I gave him a wink and a quick kiss. "But I love that you ask.""Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked.“Again.”He stared at her as his mouth closed. He could taste the wondrous mixture now on his tongue. Spicy and sweet. It made his whole mouth tingle.
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She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry and she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time now. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them as her fingers automatically found her hard erect nipples. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her erect clit and gently rubbing it.I was speechless. My brain was scrambling trying to catch up to the many unexpected turns in events.Downstairs, Tiffany had returned from her shower. She put her bathrobe away and hesitated, debating whether she should just get dressed for bed since she had not planned to go out that night. Another possibility occurred to her: She was already nude; should she practice what she had just agreed to do for Buford? she wondered. She smiled mischievously: Why not? What could it hurt?"What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked.

General Discussion / Amazing black ass ???
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:25:05 AM »
"I dunno, what do you mean?""But I thought you were absolutely certain that there was no way you would lose to me in a year," John said. "Have you changed your mind?"Flick.Anne was looking through the selection of cheeses with obvious approval.
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The girls were out there wearing next to nothing, and as much as I knew Doug was enjoying the view, I was sure I was more worked up than he was. It had been awhile since we'd had some company, as we referred to it. Watching the scantily clad young girls dance by the large bonfire was making me more than aware that it was high time we did something about that."I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said."We will be," I said. Casting any semblance of control to the wind, I almost ran down the hallway after her.His cock throbbed at the praise. "I..." Okino tried to swallow, but his throat had gone dry. "I," he croaked.

General Discussion / Amazing latinas fat !
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:13:54 AM »
CHAPTER 6"What's the bet, though, son?" Jason asked, intrigued by his son's thinking.She knew what Elly wanted. Knew what would get Elly to give her that runerod. And she knew she had no other way. But she could never say it. Never, ever."Sure," I said.
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"Hey, John, I've got some lumber I need to move that's too big for me to handle by myself. If you're interested in helping me, I'll give you a few dollars for your trouble."Anne whispered, "You better go down on her now, before Kent fucks her." I looked at her quizzically."Hello, John," Tom said, shaking his hand. "More practice?""Yeah," John agreed. "How mad do you think dad would be if he knew that one of his friends was playing around with her?"

General Discussion / Amazing african ass ???
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:58:09 AM »
Her eyes widened. "Big!" She replied."Not really. I just dried my hair, but..." she answered with that provocative smile again.The twist in my stomach turned into a sharp stab. I didn't even try to speak as Jenna continued speaking softly. "You were all over her. I saw you kiss her neck and she was into it!" Jenna laughed. "Looked like you were, too. When I first saw you, I thought you were alone and trying to pick her up!""Hurry back," Kelly said, suddenly leaning forward and kissing him, one hand reaching down to cup his cock in his pants. "I'll be waiting for you down by the river."
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She came to stand in front of him, biting one lip, and reached down to touch his cock. He couldn't move. Her fingers stroked gently over his member, making his very soul quiver. "It's all out for me an' everything," she whispered in wonder. "Oh, good boy."*****"Are they really all that different?" John asked."It's just good business sense," John said, uncomfortably aware of his cock getting hard under him again as he stared into his sister's wide open pussy. "You have something rare to sell and that makes it automatically expensive, therefore leaving the marketing to a very narrow niche: rich people."

General Discussion / Amazing black ass !
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:36:06 AM »
John went to his room, his head spinning as he realized that tomorrow night he was going to watch his father's best friend fuck his sister for $1,000.00. His cock was rock hard just thinking about it. He lay down on the bed, his hands behind his head, thinking about what was going to happen, wishing that Kelly was here right now to suck on his cock. That might be the best part of it after all, getting to fuck Kelly all the time, he realized. What everyone else was going to be paying $1,000.00 for, he would be getting for free whenever he wanted it. What a life."I didn't know that redhead," I pointed out. "Besides..." I stepped away from Doug and beckoned her closer to me.Brist blinked as the speaker came into view.Previous
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"Well, do you want to do this?" John asked. "He agreed to the $1,000.00 too.""Is that what we want?""There's no need to worry," the boy reassured her, "not if you have a large wooden spoon." To his surprise, the girl got up and walked out of the room. The boy followed her to the door and watched as she headed towards the kitchen. She returned a minute later with a 15-inch wooden spoon.When we first entered the club, Doug, who must have been as worked up as I was, suggested we try picking up a girl here rather than go home and look though the local personals or an escort service as we had in the past. At first I'd been skeptical. Yes, I understood his point about the added thrill and the air of risk it involved, but how the hell did we approach someone?

General Discussion / Amazing really black ass !!!
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:59:48 PM »
My hands reached up, cupping her breasts, and I began to rapidly thrust my hips up and down, shoving my hard cock in and out of her. "Oh yes... oh God," Cassidy moaned atop me. She tried to match my rhythm, but I was pumping up and down so fast that she began to just hold onto my chest as I rocketed my cock in and out of her tight hole. My palms were filled with her firm tit flesh as she held on while I rocked my cock rapidly back and forth inside of her.Anne was now pulling insistently on my cock. I knew what it was she wanted: a cock in her mouth. Without changing the placement of my tongue on Jan's heated pussy, I scooted my hips towards my Sweethearts' waiting, open mouth. Now, with my cock sliding between her lips, Anne's squeals of delight were muffled significantly. This caused Janet to look curiously down between her heaving breasts at Anne. Smiling, her eyes locked with mine."Oh, John, I love sex so much that I can hardly think of anything else. Just thinking about it or talking about it gets me excited," she said, bringing her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them firmly. "I know you've noticed.""Well, that's a laugh," Jason said. "Yes, you might one day beat me, but I think it might take you a bit more than a year to get that good."
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"Nice save," I told him while watching Jenna rubbing his cock through his jeans."Dad, do you mind if John and I go to a movie tonight?" Kelly asked innocently.Ia squirmed as the sucking at her breasts became slightly more intense. "P-please," she whimpered. She was near tears again.Ruth’s fingers slipped almost unconsciously down her loose shirt and traveled to her own breasts.

General Discussion / Crazy latinas bodies ?
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:24:12 PM »
"I know you guys were here to pick someone up."She plucked sighs of pleasure from me easily as she traced my shoulder and then at last reached my collarbone. There, her teeth, no longer so delicate, staring digging into my skin as she continued to descend, at the same time she was getting rid of my dress. I could do nothing but mimic her movements and say goodbye to her white shirt, which fell to the ground anticipating what would happen in the next few hours.Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter.Kent followed Anne out, his semi hard cock swinging before him. He paused long enough to playfully tweak one of Anne's nipples as he dashed to the kitchen to finish setting out the wine. Damn, I should have done that for him!
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Slowly she slid her hands up her body until they were cupping her tits, her fingers automatically finding the hard nipples and rolling and pulling on them while she watched John stroke his cock in front of her. When she would look up at him he would be staring at her, his mouth slack. She smiled at him, licking her lips slowly with her tongue."Hi there, you two," they heard their mother say as they pulled into the garage."Thank you for inviting us." Kurt said with an obvious accent, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's.By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load.

General Discussion / Amazing ebony fat ?
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:08:57 PM »
"Don't mention it, don't mention it at all," and he had a grin on his face as he walked toward his car."Your sister," he hissed. "Is it true?"The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss."God, Kelly," John exclaimed, his cock rocketing to its full size as it moved back and forth in the air.
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"You know, the girls. The strip tease, the touching of the tits, you know...we've never gone that far before. Especially Jan." "Ah, yes...but we played strip poker that once." "Kinda cool, huh?""I can't believe we're going to do this!" I said for the third time since we'd left the club. "Jesus, Doug, what if she—"When she had finished sucking all of the cum from him, she smiled while stuffing his cock back into his pants before standing up and zipping him up.Ia blinked. Her eyelids fluttered. She couldn't help but giggle, but her gaze never left Mistress's. She wanted it to be clear she was paying attention.

General Discussion / Hot negro BBW !
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:41:28 PM »
"We both know how impossible that is," John told her. "It's just not worth getting caught for.""Oh, I could fuck all night," Kelly said, grinding her pussy onto the bicycle seat. "Especially for you and for $1,000.00" "Yeah, we really do have $1,000.00, don't we," John marveled.They pulled up to the Adams' house and parked their bicycles, knocking on the door. It was answered by"Get dressed now," John said, leaning back, pussy juice smeared across his mouth. "We need to get going and you sure taste great Kelly."
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"Jesus, Kelly," John breathed, staring at her. "That's asking a lot."I reached across my erection with my free left hand, and met Cassidy's soft fingers. Quickly, she guided my palm down to the top of her right breast. Her tit flesh was warm, and smooth. I squeezed just a little, and felt unbelievably firm fullness in her tit. I moaned softly, the tingles now building in my loins as I palmed Cassidy's little nipple.An interesting story again too. Lovely Shot!"We can't," Doug said, with absolutely no force behind his words.

General Discussion / Nice black bodies !!!
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:41:55 AM »
"I think we're feeling that way about you right about now," Doug said softly, as he lifted his hips off the bed."I don't know," I replied honestly and skeptically. "It seems like they have a lot of evidence. They're talking about firing people over this.""Oh, yes!" I said quickly. "I wouldn't come here alone."Leftover Words – An Erotic StoryLeftover Words – An Erotic Story
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Tags EROTIC FICTION LESBIAN MASTURBATION VOYEURISM"Oh!" She smiled and to my delight blushed. "You really think so?""They look pretty much the same to me. You've seen a lot of them, what do you think?"I've never been able to sleep late, and despite the disturbance in the middle of the night, I was awake by 8 the next morning. I walked quietly out of my room and through the living room dimly lit with the early light of morning. On the way to fix myself breakfast in the kitchen, I noticed the strange shoes and extra pairs of keys I had seen a few hours earlier were all gone. Curious, I tip toed back down the hallway towards Cassidy's room to see if there was anything wrong.

General Discussion / Crazy black fat ?
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CHAPTER 2~~~~Sweet Dreams."Whenever you want, I guess," John said. "as long as we can get out of the house without any trouble. But where do you want to do it, at your house?"
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Not far away, the girls were getting acquainted. Anne was asking Anja to pronounce her name again. Anne kept saying "Anna"."Sure," I said. "But I really doubt your parents would—"Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter."God, Kelly, I've never cum like that before," John said, sagging against the tree, his cock drooping slightly.

General Discussion / Hot negro pussy !!!
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I cried out when she reached my ass and gave it a hard squeeze. She had lifted the back of my skirt up, and I heard several whistles behind me and a guy calling out, "Nice thong!""You have a pretty everything, Becca.' Jenna laughed. "You were picking her up. You guys are into playing with girls my age and"—she slowly worked her tongue across her pink lips—"I want to play.""Hundreds, thousands of people." Kent roared, laughing.Without a word, Anne began stripping, and was nude in seconds.
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"Umm, no. I think that one is still tops!" He laughed and nodded back towards the redheaded goddess who, to my amazement, had just sat by herself at one of the small tables along the edge of the dance floor. "I was watching her before. She was dancing with a guy, then he wandered off. Just before I brought your drink, she was up there with a cute blonde and they were either putting on a little cock tease show, or she's into women.""Listen, I'm flattered but—""You want to dance with me?" I gestured towards all the people around us. "All these pretty girls and you want someone who could be your mom?""Are you ready to fuck me, now?" Anja was speaking to Kent.

General Discussion / Nice ebony fat .
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:23:07 PM »
LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Running StartThe paintbrush traced down to Ia's cleavage. "To resist temptation..."The Best Orgasm Survey You’ll Ever TakeTom Henderson is actually a nice guy, John decided after they had played the front nine. And he had decided that his father was actually a bad sport, even more so because he didn?t mind laying it on thick since he seemed to always win; so when on the 12th hole Tom made a comment under his breath that John heard about wishing there was some way to get back at that arrogant son of a bitch, John took a deep breath and jumped in.
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"I agree.""What?" Doug asked softly.Jan put her hand behind her, groping for my cock. Without ceasing my ministrations on her clit, I leaned back so she could get her hand around my shaft. My cock swelled at her touch. She pumped it a few times. Next, she ran her thumb and finger appraisingly over its dimensions."No," I replied quietly. "Don't stop."

General Discussion / Beatiful ebony BBW ???
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Jenna nodded and with a nasty smile leaned forward and began flicking her tongue along the head of Doug's cock. She was looking at me expectantly and with a nasty smile of my own, I began licking the other side."I'm not sure," Kelly said with a laugh one hand quickly caressing his crotch and that gave her another twang from her had all the way to her pussy."Yes, it is," Kelly agreed, "but there's an early showing and we could be home by 10:00 or 10:30, and I really want to see the movie."Doug did as I asked and the room was filled with the sound of not only his smacking lips as he devoured my aching clit, but the wet sucking sound of his fingers going in and out of my drenched pussy. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs and began to moan into Jenna's pussy as my back arched and I felt my body teetering on the edge. Doug eased his other hand from the cheek of my ass and with no warning jammed a finger into my ass. I lifted my face from between Jenna's thighs and released a long loud howl of pleasure as I went off like a rocket.
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"You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked."Honey, run up and get my stockings and my Fuck Me pumps, the white ones." She said to Kent. He bolted upstairs with exaggerated haste. Janet had the white outfit Kent brought her bunched in her hand. We vacated the bathroom to allow them to shower, and went into the living room to await our visitors. Kent came bounding down the stairs with the items Jan requested. While Kent and Jan showered, Anne and I took stock of the preparations they had made. The lights were down, a fire was beginning to blaze, and the contents of the basket were now arranged attractively on small plates on the dinette table. There was even a beer for me (the big German kind I like) and Anne's Vodka/Dr. Pepper sitting out for us. Anne and I glanced at each other, wondering how they got all that done during the short time we were in the shower."Well, what is it?" Tom asked.... so good.

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