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General Discussion / Beatiful really black ass ?
« on: Today at 12:43:40 PM »
I crawled over to her and opened my mouth. The cum spilled out in a long thick line directly into Jenna's waiting mouth. Jenna took every drop of it, then closing her mouth swallowed hard and opening it showed me her tongue and the fact her mouth was empty."That's all we need, the cops showing up, to spoil the fun." Janet chimed in."Sure, no problem," one of the guys replied. The two moved off in whispered conversation, never looking back at me.While  most Kama Sutra guides focus on feats meant for the truly acrobatic—fun to try but perhaps not sustainable—it’s also important to look at how your favorite sex ...
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Not without Elly's permission, anyways."Do you mean that?" he asked Tom, making sure his father couldn't hear.Janet looked at me, "So, what should we do?""Cassidy, I don't..." I began to say, but before I could finish I felt her soft fingers slowly closing over my thick cock.

General Discussion / Amazing ebony ass !!!
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Tiffany looked confused. Despite her painful familiarity with Buford's games, she wasn't sure what the "Ringer" was.She waited a few minutes—or what felt like minutes, it was probably only seconds—then slowly went back to window. When she peeked back up at the balcony she realized that they had changed positions. The blonde was now sitting on the terrace table, her legs wide open, welcoming the toy over and over again. The other was thrusting so hard that Ruth feared she would harm her. She wondered if it would hurt, and if so, if that pain was part of the pleasure.I slid one wet hand down off her shoulder, over her chest, and rubbed softly at one of her pink nipples with my thumb. The warm water cascading over her smooth breasts, flowing into a river between her perky cleavage, was so arousing to see. My cock swelled between Cassidy's fingers, and she grasped my pole with both of her hands. Her soft, closed fingers began gently squeezing me while turning in opposite directions, an amazing sensation of stimulation and arousal that is difficult for me to describe."Like this, Mr. Henderson?" Kelly squeaked out, scrambling up onto the bar, leaning back on her hands, her feet up on the edge and wide apart, exposing her pussy entirely to his glazed eyes.
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"I think there's a good chance," he answered."Please!" she gasped. "Oh, please, I want—I wannit! Please-please-please gimme cock!" She bucked her hips, humping the air to no avail."Because I've only done it a couple of times and with girls my age. You're"—she giggled—"an older woman. I...I'm out of my league.""I'm going swimming again," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "If you don't come with me I'll pull you in."

General Discussion / Wet african BBW ???
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:19:43 AM »
Both Chris and I were enjoying teasing and rubbing our respective wife’s pussy. It was clear that Melissa was enjoying her husband’s touch because her nipples were now super erect. I looked at Lynn and she likewise was showing how much she was getting turned on, her nipples were now rock hard and trying to bust through her bikini top and her pussy was getting wetter with every stroke. How we managed to maintain some level of a conversation is nothing short of amazing. The next thing I knew the topic of giving head arose and the ladies began discussing techniques of giving the best head. Both Melissa and Lynn were sharing techniques and skills that they use to give their oral skills. Now I can attest that Lynn is very talented with her oral skills and when she wants to can get me to go from ‘0’ to busting a nut in relatively nothing flat!"Damn, she drives as fast as she moves."And it was at this exact moment that the Thriae turned around, still humming to herself, eyes cast towards the mug she was blowing on. Okino's hand shot from his cock as his heart slammed into his gut."That seemed to get your attention, and you quickly reached back and spread your cheeks. By that time I was in no mood for your pussyfooting around, so I just thrust one end of the hose into that tight bottom of yours, as far as it would go; but as I was shoving it farther and farther in, I caught sight of your pink pussy lips peeking out at me. The sight of those lovely lips had a soothing effect on me, and I worked the rest of the hose in more slowly, until only an inch or so remained in sight."
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"Oh, damn," I said, losing my cool for a minute. Seeing an opening for Doug, I quickly recovered. "You know, at your age, I'm sure you're right, but trust me, older guys?" I leaned closer and whispered, "Oh, honey, they can make you cum so hard! They know just what they're doing!"Cassidy laughed her light, sweet laugh in response. She rose slowly, kissed me softly on the forehead, and began to walk casually out of my room. "Good," she said over her shoulder, just before closing my door behind her. "Maybe next time you'll ask.""I wish you wouldn't talk like this," John said. "It's hard enough.""This is great," John said, smiling down at her. "I can't believe we've done it. Mom and dad would have a fit."

General Discussion / Wet ebony pussy .
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:08:12 AM »
"I did? When?""Well, that answers that question." I said."Well, don't strike out." For the first time, he looked serious. "Okay, well keep looking and see if either one's alone or maybe just with a friend."It took a few moments for Lynn to finally come down off of her sexual high and Chris embraced her and held her tightly like they were long time lovers and Lynn reciprocated with her own embrace with Chris. So the four of us were laying there spent from fantastic orgasms. Melissa suggested that we cool off and jump in the water to rinse off the effects of the soft swap that we had just experienced. Melissa agreed and the two ladies neared the edge of the boat. Melissa told my wife to remove the bikini bottom she had on so that she could keep the scent of the day for future teasing of Chris. So the two ladies took off what little clothing they had and jumped into the water. Chris and I were still nude from our blowjobs and jumped in and joined our wives. For the next twenty minutes or so, we swam around playfully with each other. I playfully would touch Lynn and Melissa’s tits, ass and pussy as we all swam around. Apparently, Chris was doing the same thing too. And neither of the ladies seemed to mind. After a little while, we got back on the boat, Chris and I put back on our shorts and the girls put on their shorts and tank-tops. The bikinis that were a large part of afternoon’s play were exchanged and Lynn had Melissa’s bottom and Melissa had Lynn’s.
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Welcome to the Country, City Girl.I didn't answer as she began swaying side to side, her hands dropping to my hips and trying to guide me to move with her. After a look at Doug who appeared more excited than he had watching me with Becca, I started moving in time with Jenna, taking her hands and placing them back around my waist. She cooed in my ear. As my pussy heated up, I tried to keep my mind from trying to justify taking this further."Cum for me!" Jenna called out. "Fuck me until you cum, cum all over me! Please!"Her hands explored me fervently, with her mouth following dutifully, until they came to a part of my body that had been silently screaming in want for what felt like as long as I could remember. First were her nails, a gentle trace of my lips’ peak, and finally the tips of her fingers sinking into my folds, revealing the moisture that had been created within them.

General Discussion / Wet latinas ass ?
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:52:53 AM »
As I had asked, Doug started slow, easing his cock all the way out to the head and gently sliding it back in. I watched transfixed by the sight of my husband's big dick entering her tight pussy.I couldn't hold off taking my morning relief trip to the john. The shower was no longer running, so now would be a good time. Swiftly I was out of bed. Naked, I bounded down the stairs, so fast my hard cock slapped noisily against my stomach a few times."What are you doing?" Anne asked, surprised."The stingers have barbs, like fish hooks, so you'll have to yank hard to get them out," advised the boy. The girl grunted with the effort as she tugged hard on her nipples, shaking her head back and forth as she did so, jerking her breasts this way and that in her frantic attempts to pull the stings out. The harder she pulled the more the barbs seemed to dig in, holding the stings stubbornly in place; but there was no other way to get them out. She would just have to keep biting harder to get a firmer grip on the stings and to keep yanking harder to break the barbs' own grip on her nipples.
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"Don't what?" Elly giggled. "Don't this?"Elly smirked. “And do you get to come?”"Hi, mom," Kelly replied."Oh, fine," he replied.

General Discussion / Hot negro ass ?
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:30:37 AM »
To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryAs we were both drying off with towels a few moments later, Cassidy said, "Now I hope you know you better ask the next time you need a little help." Her accompanying smile was honest and warm, empty of any teasing or irony.I had no worries about being denied that as catching me by surprise, Jenna clamped her thighs around my face, thrust her pussy hard into my tongue and screamed as loud as I had. I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and she began bucking wildly as her second orgasm tore through her. She cried out again and again and I began yelping into her convulsing pussy as her cries caused Doug to begin to fuck me even harder."Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?"
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"Well, it's not like she's a dog or anything," John said. "Or maybe you don't think she's good looking enough."Thoroughly spent, I settled into the tub, pulling Janet to me. She snuggled into my lap. Janet wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smearing the spatter of semen across her chin. She looked at the back of her hand, then at me, as she delicately licked away the come from her hand. We all sat there, speechless for several moments, grinning foolishly at one another. Kent leaned across to high five me.Kent was in fact fully nude, standing before my wife, who was curled up on the small sofa. He had one hand on his hip; the other clutched a large coffee mug. Anne, the magazine she'd been reading cast aside, was passionately sucking his cock. I shifted to a better position, laying prone, to spy on them. My morning hard on swelled beneath me. I watched them for several minutes. Kent alternated his admiring gaze between the beautiful view outside, and my beautiful wife before him. I noticed that Anne, too, hadn't bothered to put any clothes on this morning. Only a light blanket was dr*ped over her bare shoulders."I think you should get to taste me now," I told her.

General Discussion / Beatiful african ass .
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:54:34 PM »
"I gotta see if we still fit." I told her. Anne pondered this a moment, then with a slightly panicked look, fell to the rug, pulling me with her. She lay on her back and clutched her knees to her chest. I pushed my cock into her missionary style. She was very wet, very receptive, but not any less tight than I had felt after a busy night of sex. I withdrew and twirled my finger, motioning her to get on her hands and knees. Again, my cock slid into her familiar embrace. I pulled my cock out of her again as she rolled to her side. She raised her top leg for me, and I straddled her lower one and slipped into her tightness. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as a final reassurance, and we both relaxed.Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.And he loved it. It felt so good to earn their praise, mocking as it was. He longed for more. More proof of their affections, no matter how double-edged."Aren't you good friends with the other couples, the ones you never let us to meet?"
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"Is that what you'd like, Kelly?" he asked, again shocked by the way she talked.Leftover Words – An Erotic StoryLeftover Words – An Erotic StoryLynn came in the house and she seemed to be back to her happy and energetic self. She explained that she met Melissa at the gym and Melissa invited her out to brunch so they could talk. While at brunch, the two women talked at length about deciding whether or not we were going to have a full swap. Lynn said they talked for nearly two hours discussing all the details and limits that would be put in place. Hearing this, I began to get excited thinking that this might actually happen. Lynn told me that they decided that we would meet up in two weeks (it was a three day weekend) and rent a hotel room to have our full swap. Lynn said after their talk, they decided to go shopping for some sexy outfits that they would use. I was at full erection to which Lynn saw, she ran upstairs and grabbed Melissa's pussy soaked bikini bottom from the boat and teased me about having a chance to fuck her! We headed to our bedroom and went at it like newlyweds having several rounds of intense lovemaking. The next two weeks were brutal…. The mere thought of having a full swap with Chris and Melissa caused me to be very distracted and my cock was aching from being hard almost every waking minute.When she had finished sucking all of the cum from him, she smiled while stuffing his cock back into his pants before standing up and zipping him up.

General Discussion / Hot black fat !!!
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:18:26 PM »
About Katy Thorn"Now you're asking for it," she said, reaching for him.Come."You looked so beautiful wearing nothing but a tight-fitting cork," said Buford, with a faraway look in his eyes. His obvious sincerity testified to the truth of his statement.
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"I think you should get to taste me now," I told her.She wondered whether the rat traps were still in Buford's barn. If not, she could surely find some other toys to play with. While Tiffany was considering what toys she might find in the barn, the patches of goat's-head stickers in the empty lot next door came to mind: She wondered whether the thorns would make good surrogates for wasp stings. There was only one way to find out; and, since it seemed to her to be a just penance, Tiffany determined to carry it out on the following day."Lucky them," Kelly said with a laugh, skipping off in front of him, ?besides, you can look at my body on the way.She was clearly the type of girl who worked out a lot, standing atop long, shapely legs that were toned with muscle. Her whole body was lean and toned. She was pretty tall at about 5'7", and had fiery red hair that hung down in soft curls just below her shoulders. When she was introduced to me, her deep blue eyes twinkled, and her bright white smile lit up her entire face, all the way to her high cheek bones. She was wearing a low cut green top that clung to her large, C cup breasts. The way her creamy breasts were on full display was another warning.

General Discussion / Crazy black ass ???
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"The only thing I couldn't figure out that first night was what I was getting in return. When you had given me chores to do before, I knew what I was getting in return, but this time I wasn't sure at all. Then I had my physical, and the doctor said that I must have a thriving, healthy microbiome down there, as I had no trace of a yeast infection; and I realized that everything you had stepped in was probably crawling with micro-organisms and that they would be transferred to my pussy lips along with the dirt and the grime from your boots. After my first 'inoculation', I was getting a 'booster shot' every time you cleaned your boots!John somehow escaped from the kitchen and found a phone, quickly dialing the Henderson home. To his immense relief Tom Henderson answered the phone."I would love to." Pressing down on the small of her back, I urged her to sink to her knees. "And don't you worry, Jenna, you are going to cum so many times tonight you'll lose track!"Downstairs, Tiffany had returned from her shower. She put her bathrobe away and hesitated, debating whether she should just get dressed for bed since she had not planned to go out that night. Another possibility occurred to her: She was already nude; should she practice what she had just agreed to do for Buford? she wondered. She smiled mischievously: Why not? What could it hurt?
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John couldn't believe how excited he was as he slammed his cock in and out of Kelly?s pussy. He knew he wouldn't last very long, and when he felt that familiar churning in his balls, he warned Kelly that he was about to cum."You'll tell me everything?" John asked, scrambling to his feet to avoid Kelly's hot hands that were touching his legs."I'm serious, I'm going to cum," I replied, the familiar fire bubbling up inside my pleasure centers."Hey, you two," Jason shouted. "Time's up. You have to drop a ball."

General Discussion / Crazy african bodies ?
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"And they go away again next month, too, right?" Doug asked, lying down beside her."Yes, it does, Kelly," he said, marveling at her forwardness as she continued to rub his cock through his pants. "Why don't you get it out?" he suggested."You're letting me stroke it," she hissed. "You're letting me hold you here. That's 'cause you know how good it feels.""Don't forget about me," Doug told her.
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I blushed furiously, my eyes following Jenna who had worked herself back up to a standing position. She raised her arms over her head again, but this time, she took her long blonde hair up with it. She began moving faster, gyrating her hips wildly while shaking her head back and forth. Her blonde hair whirled about her, her eyes closed, her perfect lips parted. I swallowed hard at how damn sexy she looked. Unable to help it, my eyes dropped to her tits as she shook them."We better go, Kelly," John advised, again checking his watch once more."Love you, too!" They both chorused, and then giggled."It's impossible not to," John said, now openly looking at her tits when she lowered her hands.

General Discussion / Beatiful african ass ?
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Doug nodded. "That's right! They're gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so—"He had come to an open archway leading into what looked like some sort of kitchen. Unlike the hallway, which was covered in soft black carpeting that matched the walls, this room's floor bore a colorful spiraling tile mosaic. It made him a bit dizzy when his eyes lingered on it too long.Kurt added, "I'm really not that much bigger than other men." I was really impressed; he said that without sounding like he was bragging. I glanced at Kent; he was nodding in silent agreement to my thought. I liked these people.Okino slumped completely against the doorframe, letting out a soft sigh of pleasure. He reached down with one hand and felt his cock pulsating with need. Maybe if he came, he'd be able to think straight. The Thriae was so distracted. He was so close, it would only take a few seconds. He started to stroke himself, breathing heavily.
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"I'm sure they are. They've been waiting for us to get home." Was Anne's comment.Whether you’re just a beginner when it comes to having anal sex (and making sure its enjoyed by both partners!) or you’re well-versed in using anal toys and the ...NextBut it was too late as a spurt of cum shot from his cock, hitting Kelly in the face next to her nose and dribbling down to her mouth where she licked it. The next spurt flew into her open mouth, splashing against the back of her mouth as it closed around the head of his cock, her lips wrapped around the shaft as she sucked on him, swallowing the cum that filled her mouth over and over again. She let her tongue play over the head of his cock, making him groan as she sucked the last of his cum from him before letting him go and sitting back on her heels, her face shining, cum dribbling from her chin.

General Discussion / Crazy african BBW !!!
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"Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."She eagerly stepped up to me. Lowering my voice, I said, "Besides, you were right. I wanted to get Doug going. A little treat for him, and now we're going to head home.""Well, do you want to do this?" John asked. "He agreed to the $1,000.00 too.""Just now," he admitted truthfully.
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Yes. She was right! She was so smart. Trembling with pleasure from her strokes, from her proximity, Okino tried to... tried to..."I'd say so," he said, failing badly to cover himself with his hands, his face turning crimson.They finished dinner and cleaned up, Jason bragging once more about how he had beat Tom at golf and at how well John had done too."You may be a whore," John said softly, "but you're a very expensive one, and I love fucking you Sis. And I love watching you get fucked too."

General Discussion / Wet black pussy !!!
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I rolled over on one elbow to view the scene around me. Anja was contentedly enjoying the orgasm we gave her. Anne was crying out loudly, announcing to the room she was about to come again. Kent sounded close as well. Kurt and Janet had moved to the larger sofa. She was on her back, her pretty legs dr*ped over Kurt's huge shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Kurt had his face buried in Jan's tasty muff.And Mistress would know. Mistress Elly was so smart. Mistress Elly got to come whenever she—"Yes!" she shouted triumphantly, a bright smile immediately lighting up her pretty face. She actually began bouncing on her toes in excitement. "I mean, I knew you would do it, and this is a lot of points... we can do this however you want, I just need you to make sure to cum in my hair. We talked about it before I left the bar, my team, and you could cum in a condom and just put it in my hair. But the scavenger hunt list says the guy has to cum IN your hair, so just to be safe it would be better if you could actually, you know, do it in my hair""He wanted me to find out if you'd have sex with him for $1,000.00," John said, watching her face to gauge her reaction.
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I started to thank her, but all that came out was a loud moan. She ducked her head and her full, pink lips fastened themselves to my hard, rose-colored nipple. Jenna moaned around it as she began to suck it and her fingers stroked my other nipple. Doug was still fondling hers and leaning over I caught his lips and our tongues explored each other's mouths as Jenna worked my nipples. Doug broke the kiss and removing his hands from Jenna's tits, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up from my breasts."Oh, money has always been something that motivates Kelly," John replied. "If I were to tell her that you would give her, oh, I don't know, let's say $1,000.00 to have sex with her, I know that would get her attention.""I bet everything about you is," I said, resisting the urge to kiss her right then and there. I didn't see any lights on around us, but still, no need to take a chance. I could wait another minute.LELO Sex Position of the Week: A Leap of Faith

General Discussion / Crazy ebony ass ???
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"Oh yeah? You like that baby?" One of the men inquired. Cassidy moaned her approval in response."Not really. I just dried my hair, but..." she answered with that provocative smile again."As you may recall," said Buford, "I took an old champagne cork then and plugged the stem into the hose and gave the cap a few good whacks with a mallet to seat the cork firmly in place. You didn't need anything crawling up your ass in the meantime." Tiffany blushed as she recalled how, despite her best efforts to suppress the unladylike sounds, Buford had made her grunt and snort each time he had whacked the cork. He had stopped only when the thick mushroom cap was nestled snugly between her rear cheeks. He had paused then to admire his handiwork, for the mushroom cap and Tiffany's rear cheeks had dovetailed so nicely that they hid the ungainly hose from view."P-please..."
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The wasp-waisted blonde was stirring something on the woodstove, humming a cheery tune.I could feel my pussy heating up between my thighs at the sight of a pretty little brunette in a skirt so short I could make out the curve of her ass as she bent over and shoved it back into the crotch of her lucky boyfriend. Damn, she was sweet; they all were. That was what I loved about girls in their late teens and early twenties, that sweet look.Flick."Mornin', Kent. How was the coffee?" I grinned slyly at him.

General Discussion / Hot latinas pussy !!!
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The wasp-waisted blonde was stirring something on the woodstove, humming a cheery tune."Oh, fuck this is hot!" she cried out as she put her arms around us. As I licked her nipple, I looked across at Doug and felt my pussy start to drip watching him tongue that pretty pink nub. My hand slid down Jenna's flat stomach and she whimpered as my fingers began caressing the soft skin of her mound. She gasped and jerked forward as Doug's hand had slid down her back and gave her ass a hard squeeze.And she proved during the week that she wasn't just trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. Two days later, on Tuesday night, I went out for drinks with coworkers and returned home a little after 8. I found Cassidy sitting on the couch in just a t-shirt and bikini briefs."Well, to you, maybe, but some of these girls will think, eww, he's my dad's age. But even if they are receptive to me, how do we know they would be into you?"
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"That feels sooo good!" Jenna whimpered."Sure, no problem," I replied. I really didn't mind her borrowing my condoms, I just wondered how she had known that I kept some in my bathroom. And although you could get to my bathroom from both the living room and my bedroom, the door from my bedroom to my bathroom had been open the night before. How had she gotten the condoms without waking me?She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…Kent began pulling off his shirt. I thought Jan was going to get annoyed, which concerned me, because I really was enjoying this. Janet just grabbed the hem of her shirt, and in one swift move pulled it off over her head. She tossed the wet shirt to her husband, then unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them. Not wanting to be different, I was soon in my underwear, too. Both women looked quite lovely by the bright glow thrown off by the fireplace. Like Anne, Jan's attire was damp, and her nipples were clearly visible through the bra. I could also make out the dark patch of fur through her wet panties. I grinned at my wife as we clustered around the small dinette table.

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